Can you help me ... Please?

Working on Our Little Place is something I am enjoying so much.
I get lost for hours searching and securing beautiful titles, 
only problem is there are sooo many titles I want to buy but I must remain true to
 the core values of Our Little Place and that is not to have just a really
high number of inventory and random titles that starts to detract from the 
purpose of a beautifully carefully selected catalogue of titles.

But I'm reaching out to you, I'd love to hear what titles you think I should have in the store? 

Is there something that I am just missing as apart of the collection?

Should there be a new category of books I should have in the store?

Or is there something I have in the store and you think "What the ... ?" !!

You all are such a stylish group with a love interiors, fashion, travel 
and general lifestyle so you are THE people to ask? 
 Be open and honest as I appreciate all opinions.

So in case you've missed it, click here to go direct to the Our Little Place store.

I would love if you could leave some feedback below or join me on Facebook and leave a comment there.

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Thank you all in advance, I can't wait to hear your thoughts


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